Texts From Last Night

This is one of the funniest sites that I have come across Texts From Last Night. I have chosen some of the best for you to start you off. Go on and have a read. 

1 - This is one of those times where I really wish my vagina could tell me what happened last night.

2 - I just had a 30 minute fake cell phone conversation with myself just to avoid hooking up with the drunk guy next to me. its like an art form.

3 - Judging by his buldge, this guy is huge. just paid steve to follow him into the bathroom and find out. They had a convo about it.

4 - So I have the hangover from hell, spent all night puking, and there's a septic tank truck parked outside the house literally pumping shit. You win God.

5 - She's dressed as a slutty Dalmatian. I doubt she has morals.

6 - Went thru the pain of a Brazilian and he's passed the fuck out while i eat Doritos and watch tbs. fuck married life i want out

7 - There are plenty more for you to read through. Good Times

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