Number Me Global

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NMG-Associated Advertising NMG-Creative Association
NMG-Content Uploaded NMG-Published People
Executive Summary
We will ensure the sustainable distribution of wealth for creative ability.
We will raise capital for investment into new ventures and support innovative concepts and initiatives.
We will create a new globally recognized brand.
We will provide unprecedented global exposure to new and existing brands, products, organizations and individuals.
We will bring an innovative alternative to the advertising and media publication environment through the associated advertising program.
We will put more money into more individuals pockets by getting their works published on a daily basis.
We will provide a platform for young designers ensuring greater exposure and more opportunity.
We aim to engage every day individuals and businesses through established social networks, inspire and stimulate, providing alternate income opportunities and solutions.
We will create a sustainable legacy for or strategic partners, supporters and investors.
We will independently and sustainably raise funds for children in need, recognized charities, aid organization, humanitarian and development efforts locally and internationally through the mass global participation and recognition of the NMG icon.
NMG-Creative Association NMG-Associated Advertising NMG-Published People
This project will create new opportunities that will change lives
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