Dewani allegedly plotted wife's murder

British billionaire Shrien Dewani, with the help of taxi driver Zola Tongo, planned the fake hijacking and murder of his wife Anni Dewani, the Cape High Court heard on Tuesday 

Shrien Dewani plotted his wife Anni's murder, the Cape High Court was told on Tuesday. The revelation was made by Western Cape Director of Public Prosecutions, Rodney de Kock, during plea agreement proceedings.
In terms of the agreement, Hlophe sentenced Zola Tongo, 31, to an effective 18 years jail.

"The alleged hijacking was in fact not a hijacking, but part of a plan of subterfuge which Shrien Dewani, the husband of the deceased, and the accused had designed to conceal the true facts, to wit: that the deceased was murdered at the instance of her husband," said De Kock.

De Kock said Tongo took the couple from Cape Town International Airport to the Cape Grace hotel on the city's Waterfront on November 12. After their arrival at the Cape Grace, Shrien asked Tongo to procure a hitman to have "a woman" killed for R15,000.

In a formal admission, Tongo said he freelanced as a shuttle operator from Cape Town International Airport. On November 12, he was waiting for fares at the airport when Shrien asked him to take him and Anni to the Cape Grace.

"After we arrived at the hotel, Shrien Dewani approached me alone and asked me if I knew anyone that could 'have a client of his taken off the scene'. "After some discussion with him, I understood that he wanted someone, a woman, killed.”

Tongo said later that day he spoke to a friend about arranging a hitman. While the Dewanis were having supper, one of the hitmen called Tongo and confirmed they would be at the agreed location. They carried out the fake hijacking and drove for a short distance before ordering Tongo out of the vehicle.

"They then drove off with Shrien Dewani and the deceased still in the vehicle. "I knew that [the hitmen] would not harm Shrien Dewani and that he would be dropped off at some further point..." Sapa

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