Back at Work

So most of us are back to work and I hope all are enjoying it as much as me. The idea of a new year which will bring you great fortune, possible new work position with in the company, maybe even a salary increase, this is what should be spurring you on to be bigger and better things. Now I know it has only been 3 days of the working year. So what I have done is listed something that are springing to mind so far....

Lets look at the positive that I have in my day....

  • The tubes are more expensive and the service is the same....SHIT
  • My email inbox is overflowing with Stupid requests from people
  • The weather is overcast, wet and dull
  • When my eyes open for the first time at 7.30am it is still dark

Now the negatives so far...

  • The kettle is not boiling water as fast as it was in 2010. (I think it is old)

I am only playing with the positives and negatives. I am actually having a good time at work. I have secured my first account of 2011 and I am liking the fact that I am getting into a routine again except for the waking up early, I never get used to that.

How is your working life going for 2011?

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