Movida Nightclub in London

If I had to ask you do you know Movida Nightclub, most if not all of you would answer Yes. I have ventured to this club twice and I have two things to say about it. One it is very pretentious and two is the women are stunning. I say pretentious because I hate the fact that you need to be made of money to go there and have a good time, when someone can spend what is equivalent to my monthly wages in a single night it makes me a little sick and on the flip side the women that they bring into the club are hot, the type of women that want and will do anything to become a WAG. If you are in there and they see you with a bottle of vodka, you will have a flourish of women wanting to know you and as soon as it is finished they do not want to know you. I will be happy to say that if you can find your future wife at a venue like this I will cut off my left testicle. The women there are not looking for a boyfriend but free booze and a shag at the end of the night...Sluts.

I have put a few images for you see what kind of women go there but beware that they will take you money in the form of booze and shopping....

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