London Transport

I do not know why the transport in London is so shit. Just under 3 million people use the tube on a daily basis and an average person will pay between £8 - £16 per day. That is a lot of money and still they do not get us to work on time. Why oh why are they so fucking useless. 
I personally have to use 3 different modes of transport to get to work, Overland, Tube, Bus and today being the 5 April 2011 all three of these modes of transport were late. How on earth do all three of the biggest companies in London all FUCK UP. Wankers.....

I just need to let loose as this royal fuck up this morning put me in a mood, made me late for a meeting with a client and also I had to make the team coffee for being late. Not a good start to the day. 

But on a lighter note, the day did turn for the better. Knocked in a few deals to get me in a good position for the month. 

This is a photo that I took this morning in Kings Cross

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