Barchick - Bars in London

Now there are a lot of gimmick websites and apps to find bars and clubs in the London area and to be quite honest most of the are shit. They do not work, they are lame or they are designed for a certain type of person but I have come to you with one that I find quite useful and guess what it works. 

The site is called Barchick. It is very hip and the idea behind it is awesome. If you are going out for a certain reason be it work, first date or night with the guys this website will help you out and direct to you to the bars that will suit you situation. 

The idea behind the website is a person will go to a bar, have a night there and categorise it. So when you are looking for places to go all the venues that will be displayed have been visited, drinks have been consumed and a good time had. 

So if you are in a situation that you need to find a bar, go no further that Barchick. Barchick on Facebook

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  1. Its an awesome site! I just got the app as well, cannot believe its FREE! A good excuse to go to lots of bars!


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