Easter Weekend

So it is Easter weekend and a bank holiday for most of the countries in the world. I hope you all feel fat cause of all the chocolate that you stuffed down you throats. Sorry if that sounds means but people should stop eating junk food and getting fat. 

It is of course Monday and I am lying in my bed when the sun is in full shine in London cause I went out last night and got drunk. It was an awesome night, nothing special but we did laugh a lot and danced a lot too. 

There was only one bad thing last night, I broke my Havaianas slops, that flip flops to all who do not know what slops are. We ended at Watershed in Wimbledon and there was a foam party, not the best in the world but fun never the less and my slops where sticking to the floor and both of the toes holders popped out and tore the sole. Fucked they were so I proceeded to carry on partying bare foot. 

that is all for now. 

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