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So I am now fully working with ATG and out of office life. I must say this working outside in the sun is not a bad way of passing time by during working hours. Now All Thingz Green is not a normal 9-5 business. It is start when the sun is up and with a little reason we start work at 7.30. Something that I am getting used to and I now know the real meaning reason why you have coffee in the morning. It is literally like having a cup of life in the morning.

I am going to stick with the Coffee topic and put out a question to all of you who read this. Who out of the UK coffee suppliers and not the people who make the coffee, the companies who put it in a cup and serve it to you. Examples are Costa, Starbucks etc.
Who do you think serves the best cuppa coffee from the high street coffee shops?
I have read an article in a newspaper once and they said it was Coffee Republic. Now i have had a few cups in my day and I must say I do not feel that this is right. I would say Starbucks is the best out there. I am not siding with them cause they are the biggest but I feel the blend between milk and coffee is the best.

What's coming up in the future. I am away this coming weekend as I have a Stag do in Riga which is in Latvia. We will be celebrating a friends coming of end of being single with a little party. For the purpose of the blog I shall call him Mr Pink. He is getting married in June and this is why we are going in May so he has time to recover. I have been told that eyebrows grow back in 3 weeks. I will fill you in on the details next week with some pictures and info.

Well for now I will leave you with an interesting fact:

George Washington grew marijuana in his garden

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