Do you talk to your Friends?

I have a question for all you people who read Scabenga....

Do you actually communicate with any of your friends on Facebook???

and i do not mean by liking a picture or a post of theirs. This social network as it is so called is actually talking communication away from people. If you look back at all the methods on communication in history you will see that the lengths we communicate are getting shorter and with less meaning.

I bet you are umming and arring aren't you. OK lets look at it in more detail.

1 - The good old letter in the post. Do you remember writing a letter to your mother or your granny or to a friend in another country, you poured your heart into that letter and told them everything that has been going on in your life till the smallest detail and on the flip side when you received a letter like this you had the biggest smile on your face and you actually read through that letter not once but a few times.

2 - The introduction of email, what a revelation. you could send instant letters. This is brilliant and yes these are used a lot by people but lets be honest your emails are much shorter that letters as you can send 2 - 10 emails a day and in essence have a conversation. So the email is a shortening communication and with less information going into each email you send.

3 - Mobile phones and I am not meaning picking up a phone and calling, I am talking about SMS. Also instant like an email but much much shorter, in some cases only a few words at a time and don't get me started on the word abbreviation's.... lol, lmao, fml and the list goes on. Convos are shortened and the human brain shrinking for the kids of the world as they do not know how to spell any more.

4 - Instant messenger is another lovely tool developed for the internet for people communication, the main culprits are Skype, MSN, Google Chat and so on. This is just SMS while at work when you are not allowed on your mobile phones.

5 - Telephones and in this I will include mobile phones, when was the last time you had a proper chat with one of your friends? Because while you are Facebook Stalking your friends you feel like you have interacted with them that you do not have a lot to chat about and in actual fact you have said nothing to them. Communication is being lost.

So now we live in a world that revolves around Social Media and people are losing the whole idea about being Social with their friends. The idea of "liking " a status or a picture is the extent of you communication with a person, the question you have to ask...."Is that person your friend anymore?"

Interesting no.......

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