Sarah Duncan - knitwear in Bath

I have just come across this video on the Guardian and I am appalled at the abuse this so called Lady / business woman in Bath give this guy for filming her being a complete idiot. This is why there is road rage and why there are so many accidents. I really hope there is charges brought on here for that. Its disgusting.

I went an tried to find her business in Bath and her website has been taken down and apparently her shop is closed. Stupid women. She has literally bankrupted herself. If anyone does business with her in the future they should be slapped across the face for being silly too.

Have a look if you have not see in.

Check out Scabenga Fitness


  1. Hmm, this really does expose her as quite a vile person. Her true character comes out "I'll tell the Police you assaulted me".


  2. I could not agree with you more. That lady is terrible.

  3. I hope she goes bankrupt as she is a bankrupt person. Her shop should be boycotted!! Vile person!!

  4. A horrifying woman. The most disturbing thing was her threat that she would false allegations to the police. Well done to the cameraman for keeping his cool and not letting that thug-witch and her idiot husband intimidate him. I really hope charges are brought against her. I think their actions fall within the bounds of common assault.


    She has tried to cover this up and move. Coming to a town near you soon, to make you late and accuse you of assault.

  6. This disgusting woman and her thug of a partner threatened to report false allegations to the police against an entirely innocent man who happened upon filming her and her husbands pathetic self-entitled attitude to blocking traffic in Bath. Full story here:
    and here

  7. for details?! lots of dummies on the site with knitweat on!


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